Product Description:

  • A very low power consumption 3-axis motion and acceleration sensor
  • Available in compact package by advance mixed-signal designs and MEMS sensor integration
  • Each axis provides an independent analog voltage output
  • Factory calibrated Zero-g offsets and full-scale spans
  • Ideal for portable battery-powered or medical devices


  • 3-axis motion/acceleration measurements
  • 2g motion/acceleration measurement range
  • Very Low Operating Current Consumption: 20uA
  • Sleep Mode: 0.1uA
  • Low Voltage Operation: 2.2V-3.6V
  • High Sensitivity: 500mV/g
  • Fast Turn On Time
  • Integrated Signal Conditioning with Low Pass Filter


  • Health monitoring systems
  • Medical devices
  • Environment and movement detection
  • Motion and acceleration detection
  • Tilt angle sensing and Inclinometer
  • Platform stabilization and leveling
  • Hard disk drive impact detection/protection