Capacitive Touch Sensors

Our Capacitive Touch Sensor Technologies

We are a technology-focus company, dedicated to research and development of new concepts. We have strong competencies in delivering high performance touch sensor solutions while consuming very minimal power dissipations.
ASI’s unique Low Power Touch Sensing Technology, comprises of:

  1. Micro-power analog architecture
  2. Innovative built-in low-power algorithm no-MCU, no-Firmware.
  3. Very easy to use. Very short design-in time.

The ASI Touch sensor devices are charging a sense electrode of unknown capacitance to a known current. The resulting potential is transferred into a measurement circuit. By controlling the charging and discharging current, together with a proprietary sensing method, the result is a very low power consumption operation.

Signal processing in the decision logic makes ASI Touch sensor robust and reliable. False triggering due to AC power noise, electrostatic spikes or sudden unintentional touch or proximity is eliminated.

ASI Touch sensors provide truly independent single or multiple keys sensing. Where multiple keys are used, each key is individually sensed and measured. Each key can be set for an individual sensitivity level. Keys of different sizes and shapes can be used to meet different requirements.

ASI Touch sensors can be deployed in many ways, normal or ‘touch’ mode and high-sensitivity or ‘proximity’ mode. The highly sensitive proximity sensing is used to detect an end-user’s approaching finger, and have the user interface interrupt the electronic equipment or electrical appliance to initiate a system function. The sensors can also be programmed into a ‘toggle’ mode, which is very useful for implementing a press-ON/press-OFF ON/OFF switch function.

ASI Touch sensors feature automatic drift compensation to account for slow changes due to ageing or changing environmental conditions. They have a dynamic range of several decades and do not require coils, oscillators, RF components, special cable, RC networks, or a lot of discrete parts. The ASI Touch sensor solution is simple, robust, elegant, and affordable.