High Performance Operational Amplifier

The AS2604 is an ultra low distortion, low noise, and high slew rate and high performance operational amplifier. Based on the leading edge process technology with state-of-the-art circuit design, the AS2604 operational amplifier delivers superior audio signal amplification with outstanding performance. The AS2604 combines extremely low voltage noise density with low THD+N (< 0.00003%) to easily satisfy the most demanding general application especially in audio. To ensure that the most challenging loads are driven without components, the AS2604 has a high slew rate of 22V/us and an output current capability of 26mA. Further dynamic range is maximized by an output stage that drives 2Kohm loads to within 1V of either power supply voltage and to within 1.4V when driving 600ohm loads.

The AS2604’s outstanding CMRR (110dB), PSRR (110dB) and VOS (300µV) give the amplifier excellent DC performance.

The AS2604 has wide supply range of 2.5V to 18V. Over supply range, the amplifier’s input circuitry maintains excellent common mode and power supply rejection, as well as maintaining its low input bias current. The amplifier is unity gain stable. The operation amplifier achieves outstanding AC performance while driving complex loads with values as high as 100pF.